Water Safety Management Plans

What is a Water Safety Management Plan?

The purpose of the plan will be to effectively manage the water quality at a specific site and to create a prevention and response protocol to ensure the safety of all occupants on the site. This is a proactive approach to identify the risks (potential failures of standards and risks to human health and safety) and to take action and control those risks.

Since its identification in 1976 during the American Legion Convention at the Belleview-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia, the incidence of Legionella outbreaks continues to increase at over 217% in the past few years. With nearly 18,000 cases per year of reported Legionella related disease and with some high profile recent outbreaks and numerous lower profile outbreaks this issue is one which should be given paramount attention as a preventable disease.

Our water safety and management plans are the result of 25 years’ experience and pull from the best practices in the USA, as well as, Europe and are intended to be living documents which will need to be maintained and updated in a regular fashion. Our plans fully meet the requirements of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers)/ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Standard 188-2015 along with meeting the requirements of numerous other guidelines, regulations and best practices.

Principles of a Water Management Program:

  • Analysis of Building or Facility Water Systems: Conduct a systematic analysis of hazardous conditions in the building or facility water systems
  • Water Safety & Management Plans

  • Control Locations: Determine the locations in the system where control measures are required.
  • Control Limits: For each control measure at each control location established in Control Locations, determine the limits, including but not limited to a maximum value, minimum value or range within which a chemical or physical parameter must be monitored and maintained in order to reduce hazardous conditions to an acceptable level.
  • Monitoring: Establish a system for monitoring the parameters associated with the control limits established previously.
  • Corrective Actions: Establish the corrective action(s) to be taken when monitoring indicates that the control parameters are outside the established control limits.
  • Confirm Program Implementation: Establish procedures to confirm that all the program elements are being implemented as designed.
  • Documentation and Recordkeeping: Establish documentation concerning all procedures and maintain records appropriate to these principles and their application.

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