Water Filtration Systems

SafeTGuard Point of Entry (POE) Water Filtration Systems:

Sediment and Biofilm

  • Controlling Sediment and Biofilm
    • Many source waters and distribution networks contain varying levels of sediment going into buildings
    • These levels often are subject to changes in seasons, civil construction and even fire hydrant use in the community. Many outbreaks have been correlated to construction.
    • Sediments and biofilm throws in the network have the following effect:
      • Sediment accumulation in buildings and piping leading to restricting flow over time
      • Enhanced biofilm growth in building water systems
      • Shortened life of water using equipment and stress/wear on pump impeller
      • They can overcome residual disinfection levels
    • Accumulations of sediment through distribution piping can make free chlorine levels vary as well as disinfection results at different distal sites.
    • Sediment can shield microorganisms from disinfectants as well as exert a disinfectant demand, limiting the effectiveness of secondary disinfection.
    • Sediment can reduce equipment life by 9 to 12%.

SafeTGuard Self-Cleaning Point of Entry Water Filtration Systems:SafeTGuard Self-Cleaning Point of Entry Water Filtration

  • Intelligent Water Management
    • Able to monitor incoming water variance with respect to sediment loading and track historical
    • Ability to track in real time amount of sediment coming into the facility
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
    • Low maintenance- automatic protection for millions of dollars of equipment such as MRI, X-Ray, Boilers, Dialysis Water Treatment, Food Service Equipment and more.
    • Little need for maintenance and consumable purchases, eliminating disposal labor.
  • Green and SustainableSelf-Cleaning Point of Entry Water Filtration Installed
    • Less than 1% water waste. No consumables or waste media.
    • Average of 50-75% less water wasted going to drain.
    • No waste going to landfill or being added to medical waste disposal.
  • Less Potential Biological Growth
    • Filtration media is non porous and the sediment is vacuumed frequently before major accumulation.
    • No media to get infected or have to sanitize and change out.
    • Does not absorb disinfectant like anthracite layers or zeolites.
    • No significant build up of nutrients or the potential to incubate biofilm.
    • No large build up of nutrients or biofilm in the piping or equipment in the facility.
  • Fewer Emergency Issues
    • Less pressure drop than other filtration, dependable high strength construction and no concerns with channeling or filter collapse/breaching.
    • No concerns with channeling in low flow.
    • Avoiding emergency pressure drops and excessive differential pressures.
    • Avoiding reduced pressures in the facility, channeling, catastrophic pump failures or deadheading throughout the facility and equipment.

SafeTGuard Point of Use (POU) Water Filtration Systems:POU Handwash

    • Features and Benefits
      • Lower cost of ownership
      • Advanced Hollow Fiber Technology
      • Traceable with tracking
      • Quick connect couplings for hygienic handling
      • Stop patient exposure to pathogens immediately with installation only taking minutes!
      • Compliance – CE Medical Devices Class I (s)

  • Point of Use Applications
    • Sterile Water Filtration at critical points of use in a facility
      • Tap and Handwash Water
      • Shower – Emergency Wash (eye, hand, body)
      • Ice Machine – Patient Water QualityMembrane Technology
      • POU drinking water filtration
      • Water fountain filtration
      • Office coffee & water, vending applications
      • Dental chair feed filtration
      • Food service
    • Emergency response for entire facilities. Immediate solution vs. longer term systemic solution.
    • Critical Care double barrier for the most sensitive and at risk patients.
  • Membrane Technology
      • Mix of polymers are put in to contact with water in a spinning machine.
      • A hollow fiber with a porous structure is created.
      • Microfiltration for bacteria and cyst removal.
      • Consistent quality control and an extensive torturous path is key.

    Emergency Shower Eye Wash

  • A Proven Technology
  • Outstanding Validation
    • Validated lifetime by third-party laboratory and clinical testing
    • Validation over entire lifetime (70 days)ASTM and NSF Certified
    • Testing based on internationally accepted standards (ASTM, NSF)
    • On average usage and standard water quality the service lifetime meets the validated lifetime
    • Temperature and chemical resistance up to standard


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