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Our straightforward philosophy is that no single treatment process can be expected to remove all contaminants, particles, pathogens, and other barriers to performance.

We arrive at this conclusion by using scientifically defensible data points collected through our unique monitoring process. In view of this advanced monitoring and its respective data, it is our mandate to recommend a combination of technologies in order to ensure total water safety.

Check out our newest Public Safety technology designed to remediate lead levels in your home residence.

Read article <HERE> that supports why cities nationwide are using our cheaper and less invasive replacement technology, cured-in-place pipe renewal and coating process!

We Are Environmental Safety Technologies!

As a global systems integrator to the water treatment industry, we pool the best in class technology in water treatment, systems monitoring and control, and purification from a myriad of water sources all the way through the system to the point of application, use, or dispense. Terra Marra is not only a consortium of companies delivering on this proven philosophy, but also is a cadre of talent, scientists, engineers, software developers, consultants and professionals assembling these “pieces” and customizing the fit to our global customers on an application by application basis.

Here at Terra Marra, TMI, we trust you will discover that this finely honed systemic approach not only makes scientific sense, but also has merit and feasibility in your application, facility, and in your critical asset protection.

For example, if you have a Legionella outbreak there will certainly be a number of issues you will need to address, maybe for the first time. TMI’s expert consultants will help you identify each problem, where to turn for help, and even assemble a team of experts to provide you with a broad range of solutions.

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From Eradication to Proactive Strategizing.

TMI will assist you in addressing the following questions to ensure residual protection of your facility:

  • Is just surveillance of your water system enough?
  • Are plumbing system changes needed?
  • Do you need to consider installing short term point of use filters?
  • What are the benefits of installing a permanent systemic solution?

Knowing which solution works best for you requires the insight of a company with diversified options who can explain the pros and cons for each possible solution without any prejudice versus someone with a myopic opinion. Terra Marra International uses this approach when offering solutions for:

  • Water Management Surveys
  • Energy and Utility Sustainability Audits
  • GREEN Building and LEED Points
  • Indoor Air Quality and Efficiency Audits
  • Insurance Liability Evaluations
  • Environment of Care Pre-Audit Educational Reviews
  • Water System Management
  • Improved Building Records Data Collection
  • Industrial Hygiene Audit Solutions

Some of these solutions are offered on a Performance Contract Basis. TMI has a host of experts that are ready to collaborate in order to provide you with the most experienced, insightful solutions for your enterprise.

Learn more about developing your Water Management Plan (WMP) here, that follows the ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188-2015 Legionellosis Water Safety Plan under forthcoming State regulations.

For more information, Contact Us Here or at 866-962-8800 or via email at info@terramarra.com

Disclosure statement:  The managing director of Terra Marra’s has a financial interest in LiquiTech, a water security solutions company.