Cooling Tower Side-Stream Filtration

By design, cooling tower systems scrub large quantities of air and most effectively remove solids that are composed of dust, microorganisms, and other airborneCooling Tower Filtration for Suspended Solids debris. Cooling tower makeup water, constantly added to compensate for losses from blowdown, evaporation and drift, adds suspended solids such as corrosion products, microorganisms, process leaks, and existing suspended solids from the makeup source. If these containments are allowed to settle out, these solids can and do generate many problems within the system. With these heavy solids loading, even the best treatment program can be severely compromised. Significant improvement might be realized with the use of a side stream cooling tower filtration system.

SafeTGuard Side Stream Filtration for Cooling Towers Why Use Cooling Tower Side-Stream Filtration?

  • Reduction in Energy and Water Consumption
    • Average of 10% Savings
    • Less than 1% Water Waste
    • No Consumables or Waste MediaSafeTGuard Side Stream Filtration for Cooling Towers
    • A cleaner system means better heat-transfer rates for extended periods of time.
    • The removal of suspended solids from the circulating water allows for higher cycles.
  • Lower Chemical Use
    • Removal of suspended solids reduces the need for dispersants and biocides.
    • Once solids are removed from the system, inhibitors can effectively lay down their protective film on clean, rather than fouled surfaces, thereby reducing corrosion, fouling, and thermal barrier rates and greatly extending equipment and asset life.
  • Control of Biological Growth
    • Filtration media is non-porous and the sediment is vacuumed frequently before major accumulation.
    • Large biological growths and dead microorganisms are removed with a side stream filter. In effect, this reduces chlorine demand and makes non-oxidizing biocides more effective.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
    • Less time and frequency in cleaning basins or sumps, draining towers and more time in continuous operation. Less issues with heat exchanger fouling and productivity.

Case Study: Cooling Tower Side-Stream Filtration

Cooling Tower Side-Stream Filtration Case Study

  • Background Info
    • 400 ton Chiller, 3720 hr per year operation
    • Cycles of concentration: 3
    • $1,500 USD/year of water treatment chemicals
    • Cooling tower cleaned 3x year costing $4,320 USD/year
  • Investment for New Results
    • $12,000 for new equipment
  • Results
    • 10% Reduction in total energy cost
    • Cycles increased from 3 to 4TMI-ROI
    • 288,000 gallons of water saved annually
    • Water treatment chemical cost reduced by 20%
    • Annual maintenance and cleaning reduced by 2x
  • Total Annual Savings: $9,000 USD
    • Return on Investment (ROI) = 16 months

A Cooling Tower Side-Stream Filtration system is one of the most effective tools for the control of sediment, deposition, fouling and biofilm in a cooling tower water system and why its use should be carefully considered.

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Side Stream Cooling Tower Filtration Brochure (PDF)

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