Metalworking Fluids Disinfection

Pathogen Control of Metalworking Fluids in Machining Coolants

Metalworking Fluids Disinfection in Machining Coolants

Machining coolants (also called cutting fluids, machining fluids, cutting oils, etc.) are liquids that are circulated over surfaces that are being ground or polished. They are used as lubricants, to cool surfaces, and to wash away the fine particles. Originally, these coolants were straight oils (mineral oil). This type of coolant remains in use, especially in small operations. Water-based coolants came into common use in the early twentieth century, and the majority of coolants in use today are water-based. The key word for us, of course, is water. If you add water to almost anything, you get microbial growth. The same is true of water-based machining coolants.

  • Bacteria
    • Degrade and alter fluids
    • Increases splitting of emulsions
    • Increase corrosion
    • Can infect employees and also create allergic reactions
    • Some are pathogenic
    • Can create foul odors and affect the workplace environment
  • Fungi
    • Degrade and alter fluids
    • Combinations of yeasts and molds that cause a mildew like odor
    • Can damage machines, pumps, filters and piping
    • Some are pathogenic

Disinfection Through Ionization

  • Dosing creates nano size ions of charged copper and silver that are invisible to the eye in a continuous fashion
  • Validated for years with hospital water in various studies
  • Long lasting residual
  • No need to mix, buffer or worry about disinfection by product creation
  • No storage of barrels or hazardous chemicals on site
  • Green technology vs. harmful chemicals
  • Does not alter pH or other chemical properties of the fluids

Benefits of Disinfection Using Ionization:

    Metalworking Fluids Disinfection

  • Longer machine life 10%+
  • Longer fluids life 2-10x
  • Less infections and allergic reactions
  • Safer and better for the environment
  • Easier compliance with OSHA and NIOSH
  • Less workman’s comp due to infections
  • Better and safer workplace environment
  • Goodbye to Monday morning odors

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