Water Filtration Systems

SafeTGuard Point of Entry (POE) Water Filtration Systems:

Sediment and Biofilm

  • Controlling Sediment and Biofilm
    • Many source waters and distribution networks contain varying levels of sediment going into buildings
    • These levels often are subject to changes in seasons, civil construction and even fire hydrant use in the community. Many outbreaks have been correlated to construction.
    • Sediments and biofilm throws in the network have the following effect:
      • Sediment accumulation in buildings and piping leading to restricting flow over time
      • Enhanced biofilm growth in building water systems
      • Shortened life of water using equipment and stress/wear on pump impeller
      • They can overcome residual disinfection levels
    • Accumulations of sediment through distribution piping can make free chlorine levels vary as well as disinfection results at different distal sites.
    • Sediment can shield microorganisms from disinfectants as well as exert a disinfectant demand, limiting the effectiveness of secondary disinfection.
    • Sediment can reduce equipment life by 9 to 12%.

SafeTGuard Self-Cleaning Point of Entry Water Filtration Systems:SafeTGuard Self-Cleaning Point of Entry Water Filtration

  • Intelligent Water Management
    • Able to monitor incoming water variance with respect to sediment loading and track historical
    • Ability to track in real time amount of sediment coming into the facility
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
    • Low maintenance- automatic protection for millions of dollars of equipment such as MRI, X-Ray, Boilers, Dialysis Water Treatment, Food Service Equipment and more.
    • Little need for maintenance and consumable purchases, eliminating disposal labor.
  • Green and SustainableSelf-Cleaning Point of Entry Water Filtration Installed
    • Less than 1% water waste. No consumables or waste media.
    • Average of 50-75% less water wasted going to drain.
    • No waste going to landfill or being added to medical waste disposal.
  • Less Potential Biological Growth
    • Filtration media is non porous and the sediment is vacuumed frequently before major accumulation.
    • No media to get infected or have to sanitize and change out.
    • Does not absorb disinfectant like anthracite layers or zeolites.
    • No significant build up of nutrients or the potential to incubate biofilm.
    • No large build up of nutrients or biofilm in the piping or equipment in the facility.
  • Fewer Emergency Issues
    • Less pressure drop than other filtration, dependable high strength construction and no concerns with channeling or filter collapse/breaching.
    • No concerns with channeling in low flow.
    • Avoiding emergency pressure drops and excessive differential pressures.
    • Avoiding reduced pressures in the facility, channeling, catastrophic pump failures or deadheading throughout the facility and equipment.


SafeTGuard Point of Entry Filtration Brochure (PDF)

SafeTGuard Point of Use (POU) Water Filtration Systems:POU Handwash

  • Features and Benefits
    • Lower cost of ownership
    • Advanced Hollow Fiber Technology
    • Traceable with tracking
    • Quick connect couplings for hygienic handling
    • Stop patient exposure to pathogens immediately with installation only taking minutes!
    • Compliance – CE Medical Devices Class I (s)
  • Point of Use Applications
    • Sterile Water Filtration at critical points of use in a facility
      • Tap and Handwash Water
      • Shower – Emergency Wash (eye, hand, body)
      • Ice Machine – Patient Water QualityMembrane Technology
      • POU drinking water filtration
      • Water fountain filtration
      • Office coffee & water, vending applications
      • Dental chair feed filtration
      • Food service
    • Emergency response for entire facilities. Immediate solution vs. longer term systemic solution.
    • Critical Care double barrier for the most sensitive and at risk patients.
  • Membrane Technology
    • Mix of polymers are put in to contact with water in a spinning machine.
    • A hollow fiber with a porous structure is created.
    • Microfiltration for bacteria and cyst removal.
    • Consistent quality control and an extensive torturous path is key.
    • Emergency Shower Eye Wash

  • A Proven Technology
  • Outstanding Validation
    • Validated lifetime by third-party laboratory and clinical testing
    • Validation over entire lifetime (70 days)ASTM and NSF Certified
    • Testing based on internationally accepted standards (ASTM, NSF)
    • On average usage and standard water quality the service lifetime meets the validated lifetime
    • Temperature and chemical resistance up to standard


Brochure Medical Water Filters - Infection ControlBrochure Medical Water Filters - Validation GuideProduct Datasheet Medical Water Filters - ST70SafeTGuard Ice Machine and POU Filter Data Sheet


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