Non Chemical Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Non Chemical Cooling Tower Water Treatment

New Cooling Tower Water Treatment Technology!

  • Green and Sustainable Technology
  • Patented Cavitation technology for scale removal
  • Patented Disinfection Technology – Ionization
  • Side-Stream Filtration of Airborne Sediment
  • Estimated ROI Less Than 16 Months
  • Eliminates Chemical Treatment
  • Prolongs Life of Cooling Towers
  • Optimizes Heat Exchangers
  • Increases Cycles and Decreases Blow Down
  • Energy Efficiency Yielding Over 10% Savings
  • Revolutionary Web-Based Water Management Capabilities
    • An Enterprise-Class Cloud Software Platform for all your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
    • Instant access to data, reports, and trends.
    • “Dashboard” style graphical representation of trends and statistics
    • Unique Group Collaboration and Review.
    • View All of Your Data, Anytime, Anywhere on the Web!

Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Cooling tower water treatment generates more than $20 billion dollars in toxic water treatment costs. It is one of the largest sectors of water consumption, consuming billions of gallons of water in a very inefficient method. Cooling tower water treatment is also one of the leading causes of Legionella outbreaks, which claim the lives of thousands people each year around the globe.

Protecting the Environment

When a facility considers a “green”, sustainable carbon footprint solution, the cooling tower and boiler water treatment is the first place to start. Terra Marra can develop a sustainable energy audit plan that can reduce water consumption, reduce energy consumption, increase capital equipment life spans, and increase Legionella protection.Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Raising the Bar

Simplify your ability to satisfy ASHRAE Standards of Maintenance of your towers. ASHRAE is attempting to raise the standard of care to match the standards of other industrialized nations, such as Great Britain, where Legionella outbreaks can even bring manslaughter charges if there were any fatalities.

Web-Enabled Remote Monitoring & Reporting

At TMI, we utilize technologies that can be remotely monitored and controlled. Alerts and alarm notices can be sent to supervisory technicians who can adjust the systems remotely. A dedicated web server would be set up to collect all the systems operational data which would allow management and control so that decisions can be made instantly.Intelligent Water Management

Putting Our Experts to Work For You.

At Terra Marra International, we have the global experience, expertise, and relationships essential to providing you with the most state of the art solutions. We can guarantee a 20-30% reduction of utility costs while also earning LEED and “Green” Building credits.

Take our FREE online, secure Facility Questionnaire, as an initial Step in developing your Water Management Plan (WMP) that follows the ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188-2015 Legionellosis Water Safety Plan under forthcoming State regulations.

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