Air Purification Systems

Air Purification Systems: Clean, Safe Air is Often Taken For Granted.

Quality Air Purification from TMI

Pathogens and toxins in the air are much more common than most want to believe. There are numerous biologic and chemical threats are real concerns that we need to protect against, such as Anthrax and Ebola; pathogens such as Aspergillus; and viruses such as Norovirus and toxic mold. Because they are being found more often in building HVAC systems, demands for higher air quality standards are being promoted by ASHRAE, OSHA, the Joint Commission, and State Health Departments, to name a few.

Setting a New Standard in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

The TMI Total Spectrum® Air Purification System is a breakthrough technology that dramatically increases the effectiveness of conventional, media-based air filtration. The result is a powerful chemical destruction system for any type of polluted indoor air. The Total Spectrum® system is flexible for solving air quality challenges in commercial, industrial, and residential markets, such as refineries, steel mills, wastewater plants, airports, casinos, office and commercial buildings, hospitals, sites with homeland security concerns, and green buildings. Total Spectrum® is capable of removing airborne Total Spectrum® Air Purification Systempollutants down to levels of outside air or better. This permits HVAC systems to use more recirculated air scrubbed by Total Spectrum® and less energy-consuming outside air.

The TMI Air Purification Advantage

  • Reduces all odorous and hazardous air pollutants to outside air or better levels
  • Maintains high removal efficiency of gases to keep air at cleanest level
  • Returns purified air with every air exchange, multiple times per hour
  • Provides very high single-pass efficiency of gas removal
  • Destroys health threats such as molds, viruses, bacteria and allergens
  • Removes particulates down to desired levels
  • Incorporates patented technology that efficiently regenerates the media bed dailyPure Air from Technology
  • Scales up or down to meet any airflow demand
  • and can be retrofitted to existing systems
  • Includes controls to ensure safe operation
  • Does not produce harmful emissions

TMI Solves These Air Purification Challenges:

  • Cleaning indoor air for human comfort, health, and safety
  • Elimination of cigarette smoke, odor, and related chemicals
  • Kitchens’ exhaust odors
  • Lift station odor control
  • Control room corrosion control
  • Crane cab corrosive gases
  • Compressor air intake dirt and gases
  • Severe dust loading requiring self-cleaning particulate filters
  • Produce and flower spoilage due to ethylene gas

Providing a Turn-Key Investment in Air Purification Systems.Pure Air from Technology

At Terra Marra International we have a team of global industrial hygienists and environmental engineers who can put together air quality (AQ) solutions that qualify for green building and LEED certification under the Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) section.

State of the Art Technology

TMI’s team of experts are seasoned professionals in using such state of the art technologies as ionization, ozone, UV, gas phase filtration systems, as well as the more standard activated carbon, electrostatic, and the highest rated Hepa filters.

Cost Reduction

Along with providing you with solutions tailored to your needs TMI also focuses on reducing energy costs and providing you with a substantial ROI in less than 24 months. Tell us about your building’s HVAC system and we guarantee to save you time, energy, and money by implementing our solutions.

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