Agriculture Processing

Our Agriculture Processing Goals:

  • Decrease Loses Due to Spoilage and PathogensAgriculture Processing
  • Decrease Environmental Impact
  • Decrease Costs
  • Increase Productivity
  • Increase Margins
  • Increase Efficiency

Key Initial Solutions:

  • Spoilage Control
    • Processing and spraying for spoilage and pathogen control using Terra Marra proprietary alloy ionization technology including rinse in processing or storage for extended shelf life.
  • Environmental
    • Drip irrigation components
    • Self cleaning filters for irrigation control and processing
  • Efficiency in Production
    • Using Terra Pura media
      • Nitrogen/fertilizer capture and slow release
      • Can absorb ionization to impregnate with non chemical fungicides and bactericides as a way to protect roots and minimize damage by pests.

Non Chemical Spoilage and Pathogen Control:

  • 20% of vegetables and fruits lost in US to spoilage. In a $4B market this means $800M lost to spoilage each year. Higher percentages internationally.Pathogen control of fruits and vegetables
  • Growing tend to minimize chemical use and organic products. Problems in handling, dosing and using chemicals in remote areas.
  • Retention ponds expensive to manage and heavier regulation.
  • Some processing chemicals oxidize or can lead to quicker spoilage in shipping/retail where we can provide a long lasting residual.
  • Better wax adhesion
  • Easier to meet discharge requirements and allows for more recirculating of water before discharge.

SafeTGard Automatic Filtration Solutions:SafeTGuard Filtration Solutions

  • Drip Irrigation protection
  • Center pivot irrigation water filtration
  • Flume and processing water filtration
  • Side stream cooling tower filtration

Terra Sedi and Terra Pura Media:

  • Terra Sedi has the ability to offer for sediment removal with replacing traditional sand or multimedia filters. Excellent for superior swimming pool filtration and existing media replacement.
  • Terra Pura captures and holds nitrogen
  • Improves plant root systems
  • Can be impregnated Terra Marra non chemical alloy technology via spray to reduce molds, fungi and some bacteria’s.
  • Carrier for herbicides and pesticides (minimizes scorching and enhances slow dispersion).
  • Enhances flow in trucks, chutes and bins anti caking.
Terra Sedi Media Terra Pura Media
Filtration Grade Agricultural Grade


TerraSedi Media Brochure

Solutions at the Source.

Water is the most universal material in food and beverage processing and presents a major vector for food-borne contamination by such micro organisms as Salmonella, Ecoli, Listeria, Cholera and many other pathogenic bacteria and viruses. It also presents a major vector for the introduction of micro organisms in foods causing food spoilage and waste as well as sickness and death. Contamination of foods by these pathogens almost always involves a water based process.

In order to break the chain of contamination, you need to approach the whole food processing chain by finding new processes that reduce the risk of microbial contamination in water at each levels. The first place to start is at the irrigation water source used to irrigate the crops. The next step is to address the water used in the wash cycle of the harvest vegetables, fruits, poultry, meat, fish, and even the juices in the containers themselves. The US Food & Drug Administration (USFDA) has signaled that food safety issues will top it’s food industry agenda with fruits and vegetable produce safety as its top priority.

There is much that can be done. There are many new and existing technologies that when woven together can produce significant reductions and possibly even elimination of concern for contamination from various pathogenic bacteria.

Ground and Well Water Irrigation Systems

Irrigation water can be made safe with a combination of technologies which would be tailored to the particular volume application and even crop. Just one illustration would be to establish a filtration system working in combination with a cationic cold pasteurization process that leaves the disinfecting ions delivered in the water droplets from the irrigation systems on the crops which are receiving the irrigation water. These ions can eradicate Ecoli, Salmonella, Listeria, Cholera and other pathogens that are introduced in the crops environment from various sources.

Harvested Crop Wash Process

The harvested foods can be washed and processed in using a combination of ozone treated water with cationic, cold process pasteurization which is non-toxic, leaves no taste, discoloration, and utilizes no chemicals. These technologies can be remotely monitored and controlled. Alerts and alarm notices can be sent to supervisory technicians who can adjust the systems remotely. A dedicated web server would collect all the systems operational data which would allow management and control decision to be made instantly. This data can also be shared with governmental agencies such as the USDA and FDA or any stakeholder concerned with the safety issue.

Beverage Processing

With the application of these new non-chemical technologies can reduce the frequency of disinfecting fill lines which can be accomplished in a lot less time and much lower cost, and at the same time provide a higher level of residual disinfection protection in the lines, versus using chlorine or other chemical based disinfectants.

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