Water Quality in Building and Facility Water Systems

Terra Marra - Filtration, Disinfection, and Cooling Water Systems

  • Filtration & Disinfection with SafeTGuard
    • Point of Entry (POE)
    • Point of Use (POU)
    • Point Of Entry (POE) Ultraviolet (UV) Water Disinfection
    • Side-Stream Cooling Tower Water Filtration
  • Cooling Tower Water Treatment
    • Non Chemical Technology
    • All-In-One Total Treatment
      • Scale Removal
      • Inline Patented Disinfection Technology
      • Side Stream Filtration of airborne sediment
  • Risk Assessment Services & Water Safety Plans
    • Waterborne Pathogen Risk Assessment
    • Systematic Analysis of Hazardous Conditions in the Facility Water Systems
  • Air Purification Systems
    • Setting a New Standard in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
    • State of the Art Technologies: Ionization, Ozone, Uv, & Gas Phase Filtration Systems
  • Agricultural Spoilage & Pathogen Control
    • Non Chemical Spoilage & Pathogen Control
    • Decrease Loses Due to Spoilage and Pathogens
    • Terra Sedi and Terra Pura Media: Replacing Traditional Sand/Multimedia Filters for Sediment Removal
  • Metalworking Fluids Disinfection
    • Pathogen Control of Metalworking Fluids in Machining Coolants
    • Better & Safer Workplace Environments
  • Cloud-based Water Management Information Platform
    • Analyzes & Visually Presents Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Data-driven, Intuitive & Highly Visual Dashboards
    • Gain Total Visibility of all Water Management Systems Instantly

Introducing Terra Marra International, a comprehensive systems integrator of environmental and water solutions with over two decades of delivering technology based solutions to challenging problems.Building Water Systems: High Quality Water through Filtration, Purification and non-chemical water treatment technologies.

Our philosophy and mandate is straightforward; no single treatment process can be expected to remove all contaminants, particles, pathogens and other barriers to performance. It is a fact in high purity water and quality process control systems, that the only way to achieve the closest to 100% control, is by a specially crafted multiple barrier approach for optimal protection.

What Does An Integrated Water Management System Mean To You?:

  • Better risk management and reduced liability.
  • Healthier and safer work/asset environments.
  • Protection for brand equity.
  • Proof of due diligence for liability protection.
  • Third-party certification of building and facility water systems status
  • Maximizing your system efficiency to save money, reduce your water/energy requirements, and improve performance.
  • Provide you with intelligent software analytics to optimize your performance and costs, including remote monitoring, alarm management and diagnostics.
  • Water Management Surveys, Plans & Risk Assessment Services.
  • Securing you with the most evaluated and proven Legionella management system on all water systems, coupled with monitoring services and continuous protection.

Terra Marra is a global systems integrator to the water treatment industry. We craft the best in class technology in water management, systems monitoring and control, and purification from a myriad of water sources from the point of entry, optimized for each use and to the point of dispense. Terra Marra is not only a solutions provider, but also is a cadre of talent, scientists, engineers, software developers, and water technologists assembling these “pieces” and customizing the fit to our global customers on an application by application basis.

Here at Terra Marra, TMI, we provide customized systemic and evidenced based management of safe facilities water. We are rooted on evidence based scientific research and are balanced with best practices of economic merit including water and energy sustainability and feasibility in every facility and application.

For more information, Contact Us Here or at 866-962-8800 or via email at info@terramarra.com